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Greetings, Kittens!

Welcome to Silken Sheets & Seduction! Before we get started, have you made sure to check out the giveaway? No? It’s okay, we’ll wait….

Alrighty! Let’s get a move on, shall we? Voirey has already introduced the group, so now it’s time to give you a little insight into who I am and what I’ll be doing at SS&S. Every other Wednesday, I’ll be here with my new feature, Wednesday Ramble, letting you in on the inner workings of the erotic paranormal ménage writer’s mindset. It’s bound to be a trip!

I’ve been smiling over our theme of what is sexy, from the moment it was introduced. There are as many definitions of sexy as there are people to experience it, but no matter how we each define it, like art and pornography, we all know sexy when we see it. It’s fitting considering that sexiness spans the spectrum of art to porn.

We know sexy bodies when we see them, although we’re never quite looking at the same things, in the same way. Broad shoulders and washboard abs on him, a high swell of the breasts and tight curve of the waist on her, our eyes are captured by these things, but they’re just the window dressing. Even when we think sexy only comes in a physical package there’s something underneath. For me, I’m all about the eyes and the smile. What I love most is when a smile reaches the eyes with such mirth that they crinkle in the corners. Why? Because there’s nothing sexier than sincerity!

Sincere joy is the sexiest of all, but all genuine displays of self just draw me in. I equally want to embrace someone being open and free, with their head thrown back as laughter takes them, as I do someone with their head down, lost in their book or computer screen, furiously trying to figure out a math problem or solve a puzzle. The unadulterated sharing of grief and loss touches my heart and pushes my buttons, in the same way as an unabashed display of awe and discovery. It all pulls me close and urges me to strip off the barrier of clothing to mimic the emotional and intellectual nudity of the moment.

And those sincere moments, they are truly vulnerable moments, naked and open without any attempts to hide behind the facades we build to move through society. They’re also strong moments, but it’s a natural strength, a glimpse of inner fortitude that we sometimes don’t even know we have.

I think the aspect of sincerity we universally find sexy is creativity. When we read a feast of emotional storytelling, or watch an impassioned performance, or listen to someone’s heart and soul poured out against a musical backdrop, their sincerity washes over us. We laugh and cry and move and love and hate, in time to these expressions. There’s a reason that musicians get laid more than anybody else! Just look at the bands that have hit it big and their sexiness is obviously not about being fair of face and ripped of body.

How many tortured artist have also equally been lotharios? Women and men alike have disrobed and laid themselves bare to the mercy of the painter’s brush and sculptor’s chisel and even the author and musician’s pen. They have eagerly offered up their visage and virtue to embody the muse for the medium at hand in hopes of witnesses that sincere moment expressed in the stroke of genius that is capturing the human form or the human condition for all time.

What I love about writing poly romance, is that all of these expressions are open to me to compare and contrast between characters. I can bring in the alpha male of impressive physicality and show his vulnerability in love, loss or song. I can pair him with a beta male, (also of impressive physicality), and show his strength in joy, companionship or upon canvass. I bring in an alpha female, (I write erotic romance, let’s face it, everyone is of impressive physicality), and can play with all of the expressions in between, creating a continuum that highlights a simple truth—that their sincerest moments are their best. And their sexiest!

So what about all of you? Have you ever fantasized about crawling into a professor’s lap and taking them from their work with your attentions? Does the thought of an impassioned sculptor running calloused hands down your body make you shiver? Do you wish to get lost in the taste and texture of your favorite musician as their songs play in the background? Does it tingle in all the right places to think of consoling your favorite actor in their moment of grief, until finally the only relief to be found in one another’s flesh? In short, do you think those sincere moments that bare our hopes and fears to the world are sexy?

Ramble Done, Kittens!