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Some days being a writer has the same level of anticipation as a kid waiting for Christmas.

You send you manuscript to the publisher and you wait. Hopefully you get an acceptance and then you wait. You sign the contract and you wait. You get content edits and you send them back and wait. You complete line edits and you wait. The artist sends you a draft of your cover and you squeal and then wait. And then … finally … woohoo it’s release day. Champagne corks pop, people cheer, the internet crashes as hordes of people rush to download your book. Okay, okay I got carried away. No champagne, no one cheering and the internet is fine. Just me sitting at my desk at my day job with a silly grin on my face.

So, finally, the waiting is almost over for me. Male Review, Reigning Men Volume Two is due out on 28 May from Liquid Silver Books.


A nymphomaniac octogenarian great aunt, a frigid mother, and a BDSM male strip club, what could possibly go wrong?

Sam Stephens and Meg Riley are in love, and finally on the cusp of sex anytime, anywhere, anyhow. That is until Meg’s Great Aunt Maud, the octogenarian nymphomaniac, gets tossed out of the old folk’s home and moves in with them, closely followed by her polar opposite, Meg’s scarily frigid mother.

Meg’s best friend Laura convinces Aunt Maud to invest in Male Review, a BDSM-themed male strip joint.  For Meg, it’s just one more step along the path to disaster, made even worse when former prostitute Michael is hired as the bar manager.  After all, Laura’s last venture ended with Meg being arrested as a pimp. And Michael’s to blame for the crazies invading Meg’s home, and even worse, he still has the hots for her.

If she wants to get her life back, all Meg needs to do is find a new home for Maud, resolve the dispute between her warring parents, keep Michael at arm’s length, and rescue her relationship with Sam before it disintegrates completely. Male Review appears to be just one more problem to deal with, but perhaps it could provide an unexpected solution.