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I have to admit, the whole 50 Shades phenomenon leaves me scratching my head in confusion. I simply don’t see the draw. When it first became “The Book” I tried to read an excerpt on Amazon and quickly decided it was not for me.

Several of my friends took the plunge and read it, and they gave varying feedback. General consensus was that the book wasn’t outstanding. Moderate level of sexual heat, hero that is compelling, heroine that is not, and that they could suggest better books in the genre at that heat level.

Now 50 Shades is starting to fade away, but the new-found fans of erotic romance are looking for more.  The want steamy mainstream to light erotica, books that portray light BDSM or a bit of kink. Sexy books with a panty-steamer hero.

Of course, I want to help, because I LOVE my genre. I love authors in my genre. I love readers of my genre. And because I’m so full of love, I’m putting together a list of books and authors to give people who want to read more.

This is where you come in. Who do you love to read? What authors and books would you recommend for new readers of sexy romance and erotica? Share a suggestion and you might win a copy of Passionate Exhibitions, coming in October from Turquoise Morning Press.

Winner will be sent a digital copy in their format of choice after its October release.

Museums. Places of grandeur and mystery, hidden corners and secrets. Walk the halls of any museum and find a past life in a necklace, an alternate reality in a painting, a terrible curse from a statue, or your wildest fantasies come to life. From the distant past to the far flung future, these stories will titillate and tantalize you. Welcome to the Passionate Exhibition.