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Readers are always curious about where our ideas come from. I for one have always had an active imagination. I wouldn’t consider it overactive since I know the difference between reality and fantasy. However, real life often inspires plot ideas and the last few days has started lots of ideas banging around in my head.

For starters, I went to Mexico for the weekend with my husband. So, let me start by saying I do not fantasize about my husband’s friends. They aren’t my type. But, as the lone female on a trip with four men and being an erotic romance writer I couldn’t help but let my mind poke around the scenario. Four guys, one woman, mmmmm….lots of delicious possibilities.

Don’t be surprised if you see something along these lines, set in Mexico, over a weekend. Maybe an erotic vacations series? Sexy scenarios set in exotic vacation locales.

Copyright Sorcha Mowbray September 2012


Then I came home from work to find my hubby had strangely opened a package I ordered. Turns out he thought it was parts for the refrigerator. Sigh. Instead, he found the surprise I purchased for our Jamaican vacation (see, a series is shaping up here!).


Anyway, we’ve never used toys and so I figured after 12 years it was high time we cut loose and had a little fun. So, I made some purchases that he unexpectedly opened. I’m surprised I didn’t get some outraged text messages at work. LOL! Instead, he waited until I got home from work and found the open package. He then proceeded to turn beet red as I pouted about the ruined surprise.

I have never seen my husband blush!

But, I’m happy to say he didn’t totally shut down on me. We’ll see how the trip goes. Needless to say, the whole notion of stumbling upon an unexpected package of sex toys has tickled my writing bone. Maybe it’s how the hero and heroine meet? He doesn’t look at the package closely and opens it to find a dildo that his hot neighbor ordered. Or maybe a husband opens a package like mine did and freaks out thinking his wife is cheating, but comes to learn she is planning a sexy weekend. I don’t know…but I like the plot tool (pun totally intended!) of an unexpected discovery.

So, how about you? Did you ever have your significant other discover your sex toys or intercept a package of them? Maybe when you were dating? Come on spill!