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Lately, I’ve rediscovered CSI: Miami via Netflix. I used to write when kiddo took her afternoon nap but I’ve started making that “my” time. You know how it is when you’re a SAHM/WAHM. You need time to decompress. For me, those two hours of resting my brain are priceless.

So…anywho. CSI: Miami popped up in my recommendations the other day. It’s been ages since I’ve watched that show. I used to love it. It’s that perfect mix of cheesy melodrama with the coolness of geekery and usually a nifty mystery. I’m also a fan of the way the writers carry the “A” story across each season arc while peppering in plenty of “B” story emotion and unusual weekly “C” stories.

But I digress.

It occurred to me while watching the latest episode that even though the entire male cast of CSI: Miami is super sexy, none of them are what I’d consider Alpha males. They’re all beta males. Well. Okay. I take that back. Frank Tripp, the detective with the sarcastic streak and Southern twang, is fairly Alpha. Horatio, Erik, Ryan—all beta males.

I’ve always been one to gravitate toward the Alpha male (heck—I married one!) but there’s just something about these CSI: Miami men that revs my engine. They’re intelligent, patient, kind, generous, affectionate, respectful and loving. They’re not afraid to show emotion or talk about their feelings or those of their partners. They care about the victims in the cases and use their brains to help them, not big-ass guns or their fists.

There’s something seductive about that. Maybe it’s because there’s more equality with a beta male? Sure, he can protect you and defend you, but he’s not afraid to ask for your help if he knows you’re more skilled in a certain area. The Alpha male? Yeah. Not so much. (But, then, maybe that’s why so many of us romance readers love Mr. Alpha!)

It seems I’m not the only woman interested in the new, revamped beta male. So many TV shows now highlight the beta male. Any good ones you’ve seen lately?