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A lady who belongs to my writer’s group asked me to critique something for her, she has decided to come over to the dark side and write erotic romance.

She asked me how many sex scenes needed to be in a book for it to be erotic. My answer was that it needed as many as it needed to move the plot forward. Sex is never gratuitous.

Another critique partner recommended a new to me author and I bought one of her books. I loved it. Dark, edgy, tortured souls and lots of sex in all sorts of ways. So, as is my habit when I find a new author I love, I started to buy up and read all her backlist.  Five books in and I am getting bored. The sex has gone from exciting to repetitive. What could be a 20,000 word story is fleshed out to 50,000 with endless sex. I find myself skimming desperate to find story in amongst the poking, teasing, licking, sucking and slapping.

I have now stopped reading that author but I might come back to her later. I do wonder if her books have changed or is it me?  Can you get bored with too much sex? Should I be adding more in my books or should I stick to my original stand, you only need what you need to keep the plot moving forward?