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A lot of writer’s when writing a first draft have a ‘pet’ word and a ‘pet’ word is word used over and over and over again.

Usually my pet words change from manuscript to manuscript, except one. I use giggle a lot …especially during the sex scenes.

It drives my critique partner BONKERS. And, truth be told, sometimes I do it to get her goat. 😉 Of course she always knows this.

“Sex is not funny, Amy!” And I can feel her glare through our instant messaging.

I try to leave giggling out the bedroom during the hot and heavy scenes, but just this past week or so I was able to participate in something and even though that something is still hush, hush the gist of it was funny sex.

A hilarious erotic romance.

I was skeptical. I freely admit it. How can you turn something predominantly hot and sexy into something comical.

Then I re-watched Zack and Miri Make a Porno. It was a romance and it was comedy and yeah it had some absolutely ludicrous and hilarious parts to it, but when Zack and Miri get together it’s kind of touching and sweet. (I’ll never forget Tracy Lords “Bubbles” blowing a bubble from her you-know-what).

I decided to give it a college try and dang it, it worked.

I don’t know if the experiment will take off. I hope it does, but in the end I met some great friends through it and I got some GREAT laughs and the whole exercise really loosened up my Muse. It gave me a fresh slate.

As for my critique partner, she participated too and the thing she wrote almost made me pee my pants. All the stories I’ve read from this gathering of writers were hilarious.

What do you think, do you think comedy and erotic romance mix? Do you think it can work and if so would you read it?