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So, today was the day. I was waxed for my first time. Ever. I went whole-hog and got a Brazilian wax. It was nothing like I expected.


First of all I went to a European Wax Center (EWC) near me. I was very pleased with the service I received and the facility. This is important to me. I’m letting these people touch my hoo-ha, I expect them to be clean and organized.

My waxer was fantastic. She talked me through everything she did, step by step. She was honest about the pain levels and very informative. Despite the fact she was staring at a part of my body that only mt husband and my gyno get to see, she was very professional. I will say she is not my new best friend. She was talkative without being intrusive or awkward. It was perfect.

Now the meat of the thing.  EWCs use a hard wax that does not require strips. As this was my first experience, I have nothing to compare it to except what I built up in my mind. It was not a pleasant scenario.

In contrast, the reality was far less painful than expected. **WARNING! I’m gonna get a little graphic here.** The worst part was the labia. That skin was never intended to have hot wax put on it only to let it harden and then rip the hair out by it’s tiny ever-lovin’-roots. Once I got that part over with the rest was easy-peasy. Even the rear strip. That section was nothing like I expected. It just felt weird. It didn’t really hurt. I thought for sure I was going to shoot up off the table and choke the life out of her when it came time to do the back-forty. But no. It was very anti-climactic.

Now, the positions were all about as bad as being put in the stirrups at the GYN’s office. I mean, the goal here is to fully expose your private area so she can get the hair off you. But I have to say all in all, I fully expect to be maintaining my waxing. I think in the long run it will beat the hell out of shaving down there.

Also, I should note I can totally seeing me adding a waxing scene to a book. Having gone through it, I has so many possibilities in the right story.

How about you? Do you wax? Why or why not?