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I was reading Lillian’s most excellent post on the issue of quantity versus quality in sex scenes. I started thinking about writing ruts. I write under two pen names (super erotic/taboo shorts under one name) and, boy, if I’m not careful I can get repetitive.

I tend to write short stories in spurts, maybe 2 or 3 over a weekend. I always give them a week or so to rest before coming back to them. Some times I’ll catch myself writing the same pattern of sex. You know, oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex. I mean, come on. B-O-R-I-N-G!

I try to keep things fresh and kinky. One way I do that is to read. A lot. If I’m feeling particularly stuck and want to write something really dirty, I’ll take a gander at the latest amateur porn offerings or some of the slicker sites that cater to fetish needs.

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Sometimes, though, it’s good to take a break from erotica. I like to write short stories that have no sex or even sexual tension or the barest hint of romance in them. It’s a nice way to cleanse the palate, so to speak.

As a writer, I always want to make sure I’m offering a quality, entertaining read. I don’t want to ever be known as that writer who does the Slot A, Tab B sex scenes.

But back to the porn thing. Am I the only erotica writer who surfs porn for inspiration? No way, right? I can’t possibly be the ONLY one?!