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I know some of you might find this hard to believe but sometimes I really struggle to come up with something to blog about. The fact that I leave it to the last minute has nothing to do with it, honest!

However this week I have no such problems. I have a new cover. Every time I get a cover I think this is the best cover ever. But this one really is.

Considering I never intended to write a third book in the series and that when I did it was originally only 50,000 words long. Alas I had to open my big mouth and tell the acquisitions editor my idea for a free read to go between Male Review and Hot Male and suddenly Hot Male comes back to me with a request to add my free read to the front. So, this 96,000 word monster now covers the life of the sexy stripper Michael Monaghan from the age of eighteen until he finally gets what some of my readers have been waiting for. No not the sex scene. Well yes, maybe Michael in a sex scene but more importantly he falls in love. Want to know what happens? Hot Male is due for publication on 24 December with Liquid Silver Books

Anyway here is the cover in all it’s purple glory… so what’s not to like. A purple cover with a man getting naked. Sigh. I love this cover.