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Porn For Women

Cerebral, that’s women in a nutshell, when it comes to porn, which is rather funny to think about (no pun intended) because the definition of cerebral is intellectual over emotional. Now I’m not saying we women don’t like it dirty, slutty, and over the top (wink), but we do have a deeper, intellectual side going on that really, really, likes the chase, seduction, and anticipation. I’ve decided that’s why erotica and romance books are some of the top sellers in the book industry. It’s how we, as women, get our porn—by reading a steamy book. We get naughty between the covers all right!

Maybe part of the reason we turn to books is due to the fact that porn on the screen for women is very, very limited. I did a search recently, and was surprised at just how little there was in terms of quality porn geared toward women. My definition of geared toward women includes decently hot men bearing it all in a story that has at least a moderate plot, and more men than women in it (don’t get me wrong, I am bisexual, but I get tired of always seeing the naked female form). And what else do we women love … sexy costumes, and elegant clothes, so let’s add that to the roster of what we want in porn too. Getting to unwrap the package is half of the anticipation, and probably why I see several postings of steamy male models on blogs and facebook, reminding the world that women need porn too—the more sensuous, the better.

When I was a teenager, I remember reading Anne Rice’s ‘Beauty’ chronicles, and thinking:  that is what I want to see on the screen! As I got older, I still yearned to see that type of erotica on the screen, and decided the only way I would ever get to experience it, was either in the real world, or writing about it. The real world came close, but for the full satisfaction, it stayed cerebral. I come full circle. Now I write erotica, and it brings me great pleasure. Perhaps there will be a revolution in the near future when someone gets the idea that sex sells for women too—if done right, and all the high profits made from books, could be made on the screen too. At least someone got the bright idea about turning ‘50 Shades’ into a movie—let’s see if they get it right, porn for women.

In the meantime, here is a site I found intriguing for us gals who like the naked male figure:



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