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I’m gearing up for my second Turkey Day this week. We did a small thing on Monday with the husband and kiddo. On Thursday, my dad is coming here to be with me and kiddo. He hasn’t seen our little monster since September and his new travel and work schedule make it easier for him to drive four hours to be here than six to meet up with Mom and my brothers and sister and all their significant others.

So. Anywho. Rather than coming up with a witty post, I’ve come up with some super sexy specimens of manly perfection. I think we can all agree that this eye candy is something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, right?

© CURAphotography – Fotolia.com

Why, hello, Sexy!

© CURAphotography – Fotolia.com

Putting the “washboard” in washboard abs!

© Cyril Comtat – Fotolia.com

Four is always better than one!

Hope everyone celebrating Thanksgiving this week has a wonderful time!

*I purchased these photos from Fotolia. Have the receipts and everything!*