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Especially when one hasn’t been able to have retail therapy in a while because she was saving up for this moment!!! *pant pant*

I’m heading to Michigan tomorrow. Crossing the border and heading to Great Lakes Crossing.

I intend to shop until I drop. On the hit list, Victoria’s Secret. I have big boobs and it’s hard to find sexy bras up here in Canada for my cup size. The selection SUCKS or the bra is made out of that foam spandex material that doesn’t really conform to the girls and makes me feel like I’m free-floating.

Plus, I love lingerie there and they have stuff in my sizes.

Lingerie is sexy. I love it, the DH loves it, even if it doesn’t stay on very long.

I’m also buying cheap butter. WOOT! Though, the two don’t have anything in common. Hehehe.

So while I’m out hitting the malls I’ll leave you to drool over this, which I got from Dreamstime and actually features the model who is on the cover of Gladiator’s Revenge. Super cool: