aaasorcha_finalSigIf there is one thing I associate with Christmas it’s the idea of anticipation. Now, I know that the holiday is about love and being with family, but the truth is it is also about giving and receiving gifts. Without a doubt that means there is a shitload of anticipation going on.

There is something about the wait and the buildup to things to come—both the expected and the unexpected. At Christmas it is the excitement of knowing you found the perfect gift to light up someone’s eyes and make them squeal with excitement. There is of course the wondering if you will get your own squeal-worthy gift.

But, anticipation is sexy too…

It’s the mental game of drawing out expectation. Of letting the mind linger over the sensual possibilities. In particular, we women are mental creatures (although as we all know a little visual aid now and again doesn’t come amiss!) so anticipation can be just as sexy as taking action.

Sitting over dinner draped in sexy silk stockings. Your wisp of a skirt sliding over your thighs. A glimpse of cleavage that keeps drawing his eye. These things can add to the tension that will grow taught between you. It all makes it so much sweeter once the tension snaps and you finally experience the culmination of all that anticipation.

So I say go forth and enjoy all the anticipation of the season and of course a little that maybe has absolutely nothing to do with the holiday! The ladies of Silken Sheets would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!