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aaaLolita_finalSigThe first thing I notice on a man? His hands. Weird, I know. I hear that it’s usually the eyes or the mouth or maybe a tight, sexy backside that catches the eye of most women but not me. Nope. It’s fingers and knuckles and callused palms that draw my gaze.

I’m not sure where this fascination with hands began. There’s something just something about a rough, rugged hand, especially if it’s a big, sexy hand. All I know is that it really revs my engine.

Not surprisingly, I spotted the hands of my DH before I saw the rest of him. He was jumping into the back of an ambulance to join me on a 911 call and those massive Viking hands of his grasped the edges of the open door so he could haul his huge frame into the back of the box. That memory is so ridiculously clear for me. I guess I was attracted to his hands first. Good thing the rest of him was so wonderfully perfect!

Of course, I’m wise enough to know that’s not the case for every reader. I’ve been reading through some scenes I wrote last week and my attention to the sexy male hero’s big ole rough hands had to be toned down a bit. Still—it made me wonder what other odd turn-ons other readers have.

So, you know, confession time! Is it the eyes? Is the mouth? Is it a sexy butt? Or is it something a little strange like yours truly?

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© SilverBlack – Fotolia.com