aaaGillian_SigI’ve thought a lot about what my first post on this group should be. Should I do an introduction blog post and tell y’all something about myself, or should I just put a normal blog post up and pretend y’all know who I am? I’m tempted to do the latter, but it feels kinda wrong. To be honest I loathe talking about myself—it seems so strange to me. I always sucked at job interviews and come off way more timid than I am IRL. That’s one great thing about blogging—no face to face intimidation factor. I can be my normal, sassy, smart mouthed self!

So I should prolly start with a little about me. I’m a newish author. I have two novellas and one short story out. I’m currently working on self-edits for the sequel to my Carina Press release which I wanna get it off to my editor by mid-month. This one’s full of fun naughty rope scenes. Yummy! And then I’ll begin drafting a smexy BDSM Christmas novella for a call. I have a great plot bunny for that one that I can’t wait to get started on.

For the writerly crowd, I’m a plotter. I love me some spreadsheets. I plot my writing schedule, my characters, my story arcs. It’s a sickness really. Probably a holdover from my engineering background.

That’s my Clark Kent persona. I have a degree in Mining Engineering (of all things!) which is where I met my fabulous husband—on my second day of college. And now we live in a tiny little town in Northern Nevada with our two pampered dogs.

Is that enough about me? I feel like I’ve gone on and on. So I’m gonna stop here.

But I’d love to hear a little about you guys. So who’s reading this? Are you an author? A reader? An editor? Hit me up in the comments. I’d love to know more about you guys!