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GriffinHello everyone! *smiles and waves*

I’m excited to join Silken Sheets & Seduction. I wanted this first post to be a “get to know A. M. Griffin” introduction.

I’ll be throwing my two cents into the mix every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. Whether its ramblings from my head, sexy book excerpts or author spotlights, I hope you’ll come back to visit me.

I’m an avid sci-fi and paranormal reader. I also love all things nasty (nasty, not gross people). So, it’s only natural this is the genre I chose to write in.

I’m a newbie author. I wrote and completed my first story in 2010. Late that same year I submitted it to Ellora’s Cave and 2011 began the long process of making a good story great.

After hard work, dedication and a lot of steamy sex scenes, Dangerously Mine released December 14th, 2012!

When I first began to write Dangerously Mine I never intended it to end up as an erotic romance. My intentions were to craft the perfect science-fiction world with characters the readers could relate to, in situations that wouldn’t seem too farfetched to grasp.

The erotica elements of the story flowed effortlessly into the story line. Nothing was forced or planned, from Eva, my heroine and Taio, my hero’s first sexual encounter to their female/male/female ménage.

At this moment I’m committed to sci-fi and erotica and don’t see myself straying from this genre too much. But what I can promise in the future are well crafted sexual encounters that so happen to occur on faraway planets.

Here’s a tasty treat from Dangerously Mine!

DangerouslyMine_msr - Copy

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Eva rose and planted both feet firmly on the floor. With her hair streaming around her, she squatted above him. Her hand trembled as she reached down, grabbed his thick cock and positioned it to her tight opening.

She hesitated. She really wasn’t afraid of the size or the man, but what this would mean for her future.

Taio caressed her thighs, urging her down. Taking a deep breath, Eva slowly lowered. The head pressed against her tightness, not budging, too big to enter her. Determined, she tried to work it in, wiggling onto it.

His fingers tightened on her thighs. “If you keep that up, you will make me spill my seed.”

Taio pumped up in a hard thrust. The large head penetrated her.
She closed her eyes and threw her head back. “Oh fuck!”

He grabbed both thighs, holding her unsteady body while he thrust his hips up and down, inching his thick cock deeper into her tight sheath. Her slick walls coated him as it stretched her open.

She slowly moved her hips to meet his rhythm, taking more of him, inch by glorious inch, pumping the length of his penetrating shaft.

Taio’s hands moved to grip her hips. With the pain receding, she was soon overcome by pleasure. Her pace slightly quickened. He filled her up and she wanted more.

The sounds of his shaft now slickened by her juices filled the bridge. Moaning, she dropped to her knees. His shaft filled her to the core, completely stretching her to the limits.

With a groan, Taio rolled his eyes back into his head. “Great Ancients.”

His fingers dug painfully into her skin. She rocked on his shaft, increasing her pace. Each time she rose, her pussy milked him, sucking him back in.

He grabbed her tighter and pumped, faster and harder. Her breasts bounced and swayed in his face. He took one of the hard nipples in his mouth and sucked. His teeth grazed against her sensitive bud.

She slammed her hips down on him. Any fears she had before were long since gone, replaced by intense need.

“You are mine.” He groaned.

Eva erupted with a scream, her walls contracting and spasming against his rod. Holding her tight against his body, he thrust up, spilling his seed deep inside her.

Spent, they both lay quietly, breathing hard, trying to catch their breaths. Eva tried sliding off of him, but was stopped short by a firm hand. Taio’s cock thickened and pulsed inside her again.


Taio answered by pumping his thick shaft in her swollen sheath. Sore, but wanting more, she rose to her knees and elbows. Her hair fanned across his chest. His fingers dug into her hips, holding her in place as he pumped fast and hard.

She would surely have trouble walking, but didn’t care. Never before had she felt anything as good as this.

After they were done, Taio carried her back to her quarters. Feeling the soft cushion of her bed, Eva curled in a ball.

“This doesn’t mean that you own me,” she said groggily.

“You are already mine.”

Enjoy! Griffin

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