sss---I’m another new girl here on Silken Sheets & Seduction. Hi! I’m a hugger so you will now be forced upon with digital hugs *big snuggle hugs*. I’ll be making my semi-permanent home here every 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month. I’ll be sharing special excerpts, babbling about pop culture, and, of course, writing.

I’ve been writing erotic and erotic romance since 2009 when after college I was able to pursue my dream of being a full time writer. I was first published with Excessica in 2009 and moved onto Cleis Press print anthologies, Ellora’s Cave, and Xcite in 2010 to 2011. I’m something of a publishing hopper mainly because I work too hard so I like to spread myself thin and I always have something coming down the pipeline that I want to get published. Sometime this month my very first paranormal erotic romance series, The Furies Series, will make it’s debut from Secret Cravings Publishing with the first book in the series, Furious Lust.


I normally tend to stick to contemporary settings but I’ve always wanted to dabble in the paranormal world building, so I’m really excited for my new release. Especially because it’s heavy with a recurring theme in my work–BDSM. I’ve been writing spanking, collaring, caning, and all sorts of roped up goodness for five years now and it’s a passion I can’t quite break free from in all of my work. Even my lesbian works are loaded with bondage and submission fun.

Oh yeah, that’s another thing I write that I should probably mention. Here are two of my latest lesbian releases with Xcite currently as an Amazon Exclusive for .99 cents and FREE for Amazon Prime Members.


Working at a rundown library in her small hometown, Molly Fable becomes entrenched in a game of sexual cat and mouse. One of the patrons, Holly Ryder, has been purposefully ignoring her slew of overdue erotic books – and she’s less than subtle about her lack of payment ‑ or remorse. Unwilling to lose her job, and unable to cope with the weekly flirtatious visits, Molly silently seethes, while plotting to give Holly the punishment of her life. Beneath their veiled anger and erotic games comes a sexual fetishist understanding neither expected while getting it on in the archiving room. But emotions won’t stop Molly from taking out every missing cent from Holly’s flesh.



Willa pinched pennies for two years to afford a resort vacation that’s way out of her fire technician’s salary. So she enlists the help of a vacation roommate to cut her costs in half. Enter Shelby, the little waif who, on her way down to their cabin, befalls trouble, making Willa play reluctant nursemaid. Shelby is very persuasive. She’ll erase Willa’s half of the bill – if Willa lays her complete submission on the line. A quiet ski resort vacation may turn into the mother of all sleepovers – and all Willa can think about is Shelby beneath her scorching sheets.


Thanks for having me and I look forward to chatting with everyone next Thursday!