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aaavoirey_finalSigSo y’all might have noticed I’ve been absent lately. Sorry about that. Life kinda bit me in the hind end last year and I had to put my focus on real life for a while. The good news is that the mess seems to be behind me and I’m back to work. I’ve started two new books and am excited about them.

The first is a short story that I hope to sell shortly. It’s something a bit different for me on two fronts. It’s a historical, set in old Tombstone. Lizbet is a soiled dove, the highest-paid prostitute in town and well worth what she charges, but she’s not so sure about her newest client, because this cowboy isn’t what he seems. In fact, he’s not a he at all.

The second book is a contemporary best-friends-manage-triangle. Henry never considered herself a sexy girl, and every boyfriend she ever had seemed to agree. her best friends, Matt and Tim, hate to see her unhappy and decide to help her by teaching her how to be sexy.

Both books are proving to be a lot of fun to write, and completely different from the angels in flow and tone. The change feels good.

Which story sounds more interesting to you?