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aaaGillian_SigSo I did something this past week I haven’t done in a while. I pushed the button that sent my latest manuscript out into the dark corners of the internet for my editor to judge. Eeek! I have to say I’ve forgotten how unnerving this is.

If I had to liken it to any real life sensation, I’d say it’s pretty close to the feelings I had the first time I gave a cute boy in college my phone number. I spent the whole weekend filled with this magical sense of anticipation. Wondering if he’d call, what his disembodied voice would sound like—would it be as sexy without that amazingly cute face—and what I’d say when he did. But I also tried not to think about it because I had absolutely no control over what would happen next. No amount of obsessive thoughts would miraculously make him call any faster.

Sexy phone callImagine my disappointment when I came back from dinner with my friends to find a voice mail from Mr. Right on the same day he asked for my number. Apparently I wasn’t the only one eager to get together. Of course his voice was just as sexy without the distraction of his cute face.

So here’s hoping my editor is as eager to acquire my latest story as my husband was to schedule our first date.

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