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Guest SigCan’t I Just Skip Them?
Written by Cutter Phoenix a.k.a. F.L. Bicknell

I am not a person who likes holidays. One, they mess up my internal calendar during the school months. It’s Friday? I thought it was Saturday. Oh, right. The holiday landed on Monday. Two, the stress of having to buy candy and/or gifts or toys for various observed days is a pita. Am I a grouchy person? No, I just don’t like the interruptions of life or being forced to run out and buy something I deem unnecessary.

Do I like any of the holidays? Sure. New Year’s and Halloween are my favorites, although I’m so over dressing up and dragging umpteen kids around this town and that one for Trick or Treat.

“Mommy, can we go trick-or-treating in Town X?”

Seriously? You have ten pounds of candy from Town Y and now you want to do it again? I still have blisters on my feet from last night!

“Mom, I need Valentine cards and three dozen Little Debbie snack cakes for our party.”

Bang. Head. On. Table.

“Oh, Mom? We have a Christmas gift exchange in our class.”

Sits in the corner of the room and whimpers.

And from one of my oldest… “Hey, Mom. Do you and Dad want to pitch in money on fireworks?”

Just shoot me!

Mother’s Day is nice, but every time the holiday rolls around I fret about what to get my mom. St. Patrick’s Day is okay, but I have tired, over the last few years, of hearing my four kids and the extra five I raised rant about getting pinched at school for having forgotten to where green that day. The 4th of July is great, and I love my country, but so many people—at least here in our area—have turned it into an excuse to get drunk (or even crunk) and travel the roads like idiots; as a result, we stay home and watch fireworks on TV.

Thanksgiving…oh, the horror! I thank God every day for the things he has blessed us with, but I’m the one who cooks for 12 to 15 guests in my home and handles ALL the clean-up. It amazes me how every family member (I don’t ask non-family guests to help), except for my mother, vanishes the way of the dinosaurs when it’s time to wash dishes, move tables and chairs, and put things away. No, I’d skip that holiday altogether if I could.

Then there’s Christmas. Thank God it’s over. Enough said—LOL!

So how on earth did I find myself writing a series based on various holidays? Honestly, I have no idea. It just happened and book one, Fangs for Christmas, is here!

Fangs for Christmas is the first novella in The Holiday Series. The book has been doing really, really well, readers are emailing the publisher wanting more, and I’m told the two m/m characters, Tristan and Justice, are super hot. LOL, well that all does my heart good, but now I must decide on a holiday for book two.

Valentine’s Day is overdone every year in romantic fiction, so I might catch that one next year. There’s St. Patty’s Day, President’s Day, and even Easter. However, there are many holidays celebrated in other countries, too. Right now I’m sort of leaning toward something based around President’s Day. Maybe one of the conducător’s (vampire gang leaders) has his or her fingers in the human government? Hmm…I’m not sure yet.

So tell me, dear readers, what do you or don’t you like about a holiday(s) and which upcoming one do you suggest I base book two of The Holiday Series on?


Fangs for Christmas  – Book 1 The Holiday Series

Seven years ago on Christmas Eve, Justice, the one person Tristan cared about the most, vanished. Alone for yet another holiday, he rescues a man in an alley only to come face to face with his missing lover.

But something is different about Justice, and before Tristan can stop himself, he welcomes him back into his life. It forces him into the middle of vampire gang wars and he finds himself on the run with Justice. A car chase, a destroyed Christmas tree, and the alleged murder of a spy vamp sends them into the worst blizzard Pennsylvania has endured in years. Can he allow Justice to have his heart, or will he demand Tristan’s life instead?

Freyas Bower | Amazon | ARe


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