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aaavoirey_finalSigIt’s a job hazard. There are only so many words to describe the bits and actions in a sex scene, and when the scenes are long and detailed, those words get used are reused. I usually stall about halfway through any given scene. Out of words, out of ideas.

Sex scenes usually take me about a week to write. That’s a lot of pushing, pulling, licking and thrusting.

The scenes take a lot of editing work, too. Sex is intense. There are motions, thoughts, sensations and emotions blended together in more ways than they do in any other situation.4649110_s (2)

It’s funny, because as a writer, these are the most draining scenes to write, but as a reader, they are the most invigorating parts of the books.

I’m writing three books write now…and all of them I’m mid-sex. I know once I get past these scenes, things will move quickly, but until then, I’m one tired writer.

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