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First I want to start off by welcoming the new members of Silken Sheets & Seduction. I don’t think I did that. BAD AMY!!

So welcome, Ladies! I’ve been chatting with them through email and on Twitter and it’s awesome that they’re part of the team. In fact Gillian Archer is the one who dragged out my secret news, over Twitter. Little sneak that she is. 😉

My big news, I sold two books to Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance.

Medical, I hear you say. Yep. Do you like Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice? How about ER or Nip Tuck? Then that’s what the awesome Medical Romance line at Mills & Boon brings.

If you think I’ve toned down the sex as well, guess again. It’s passionate. The new medical romances are super fun, sexy and wonderful reads.

I’m absolutely over the moon and excited. I’m a HUGE Grey’s Anatomy fan and yes, I am a big fan of that line at Harlequin. Though I never thought in a million years I could write for it. After all, I was a Law Clerk for 10 years. Granted, I dealt with personal injury, Dr. reports and even took medical transcription to transcribe notes, so when I wrote my medical romance SAFE IN HIS HANDS I did a LOT of research.

A lot.

It was a year of hard, hard, HARD work. People think category and think “Oh, it’s EASY to get in.” I laugh, maniacally and tear at my hair. No. It’s not.

I rewrote SAFE IN HIS HAND (which had a crazy weird before being retitled that I won’t mention here) three times. THREE. Over the course of a year.

When I saw on Friday January 25 that my editor wanted to call to talk to me. I hyperventilated. It was 7 a.m., I had kids to get to school still, it was bitter cold and my editor was 5 hrs ahead of me. So I told her when I was available and waited for the call.

That lovely British voice saying they wanted to buy my book was a dream come true, but it wasn’t just one, but TWO books. The second book hasn’t even been written yet …which means I have to get my rear in gear.

Anyways, that’s my big news. So I may end up being scarce or on my blogging days bombarding you all with guests or sexy man pictures. Just know I’m hunkered down furtively writing that second book.