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aaaLolita_finalSigAlpha males seem to be creeping into all of my latest books. My new Grabbed series with Ellora’s Cave is alpha males in space and my super sexy paranormal series coming this summer from Forever Yours/Grand Central is—you guessed it—dragon alpha males. Big, sexy, yummy alpha males.

But there’s a fine line that has to be walked when writing an alpha male in a super-hot romance. It’s one I’m constantly questioning as I hammer out my first draft. Is my hero overprotective or is he overbearing? Has my hero crossed the line from confident to dick-tastic territory?

I read (and write) a lot of new adult romance and this is a genre where the so-called “alphahole” tends to make a lot of appearances. This is the alpha male who crosses the line from being protective and commanding to a full-blown controlling jerk. I’m not sure why this version of the alpha male is so common in these books. Any thoughts on that one?

I’d kind of fallen out of love with the alpha male until I got one of Laurann Dohner’s New Species books into my hot little hands (well…Kindle.) I glommed that sucker so fast and then jumped right to the next one and the next one. That’s an author who has mastered the alpha male! Oh—and Cherise Sinclair. There’s an author who knows her Doms and alpha males!

So you tell me—favorite authors who write alpha males?