EliseLegs  Believe it or not there is a long lost secret to being a successful writer besides “butt in chair”, “write what you’re passionate about”, and “write Twilight Fan Fiction”. And that, ladies and gents, is to own a snuggle obsessed, co-dependent cat. Behold, Ember, the kitty of penning best sellerdom’s:

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And, well I don’t have my bestseller yet, I at least have pretty kitty eyes to read my work while she sits on my shoulder like a parrot–one that’s purring. She was weaned too young at the shelter and is very tiny and thinks I’m Mommy as a result of it.

All of those shots were taken while I was working and she’s in my lap right now as I type. The secret to writing good books is kitty snuggles, I’m convinced. Because even if your book doesn’t sell well at least you have a warm lap and fond memories instead of an empty lap and no kitty to lick your tears away.

(Also, I don’t know why my phone insists on taking black and white pictures now instead of regular colored ones, but I don’t ask questions. My phone kind of scares me.)