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Rachel1To write!

What did you think I meant?

No, I don’t *have* to be in the mood to start writing.  There are times I simply sit down and do it, but even on those days there are things that help me to get going and keep going.

  1. My writing room.  Years ago, my husband bought a shed for all the stuff in the garage (the car never fit there) and once it was empty it became my space to write.  I have two desks and two and half book cases (two large, one small), a loveseat and all my office supplies.  I am close to the action in my house, but it does have… a door! As anyone who writes at home will tell you, having a way to close a door and be alone is a wonderful thing.
  2. Music.  Some write to silence, some to rock.  I love movie soundtracks.  Designed to evoke emotions, I can always find one that suits both my mood and the mood of the scene I am writing.  Angelo Badelamenti, Andre Desplat, Danny Elfman, Thomas Newman, John Williams, Rachel Portman and more help me to put one word after another, the words flowing as the music does.
  3. My favorite pen.  There are times when I can’t compose at the keyboard.  Those are times, I return to pad and pen and watch the words appear on the page.  There is something about allowing the process unfold this way that creates its own magic.  I have a particular pen I love using and because I live in fear Uniball will stop making it, I have a huge collection of Uniball Jetstream Bold Point Pens.  They come in packs of all black and ones with two black, a blue and a red.  Yes, I horde them and don’t share.
  4. A great idea. Having a project I’m excited about, characters I care about and knowing what journey they need to take to have their goals brings me to the page day after day.  I’ve also learned ending my writing day either in the middle of a scene or knowing specifically where I want to go next is very helping starting a new day.  Facing the blank page can be intimidating.  Knowing where to start… is a big help

So, what are the things you need to get in the mood?