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Lilly Cain at Silken Sheets and Seduction BlogI love the sensuality you can discover in the written word. There are times when I go looking for this outside of modern literature. And when I do, I look at poetry. Emily Dickinson remains one of my favorite, her poems In Winter In My Room and Come Slowly – Eden are alluring, hinting and obliquely discussing sensuality, and some would say her fear of it; and my very favorite of hers, Wild Nights – Wild Nights! that describes her longing for a lover. What woman can’t relate to that?

I can’t claim to be a poet, but I wrote the following after a strange and sensual dream. I think poetry is the closest form to reaching the dream state.

Desert Image  by  Lilly Cain

Silently the picture forms,

Comes to life, is reborn,

From heat and the power of the sun.

Conjured up, the vision walks,

Smiles, moves in undulation,

In action by the heated breeze.

I see her form, watch her stir,

And with the movement comes the scent,

Of patchouli, and musk.

Impossible sounds, soft bell chimes,

Floating with those fragrant oils,

On wind that stirs her blood-red robes.

Desert image come to me,

Cross the sands, ride with the sun,

Prove your mirage to be false, your body true.

Stroke me with soft, scented fingers,

Rescue me from death,

Bring with your touch release, and life.

The killing heat distorts the air,

Her vision shimmers,

The scent remains.

I close my eyes to stay,

The destruction of hope, and desire,

Then feel her stroke my drying skin.

I hope you enjoy this. Do you have a poem that touches you and reminds you of the sensuality of a favorite lover?