EliseLegs   Okay, I admit it.

Sometimes I have absolutely no clue what I’m doing when I write the next book or with my career in general. Most of time it’s like I’m sitting without any straps on a run away bumper car that keeps hitting walls and other cars, despite the fact that I’m turning the wheel, hands on ten and two with my foot off the pedal. I thought the market shifted bad when I first started down this road five years ago–but I knew absolutely nothing.

Our writing landscape changes every single day or at least weekly as business models flip on their head with each self-published turned big six book deal. Bookstores are angling for the best of both worlds with print and e-book while they’re floundering with the idea of closing bookstores or putting more merchandise in them that isn’t books. And because of all these changes half the time I have no idea where I should be going with my books. Whether the market I pick today will benefit me three months from now. Or where I should best market myself.

Hell, even audience has been known to shift in the drop of a hat. What’s a writer to do when there’s nothing to hold onto anymore? No certainties. No absolutes. Sometimes I can’t even predict tomorrow. So, I’m trying very hard to accept the unacceptable–that all my planning and my careful career maps–they might be useless. They probably will be useless. Unless I get lucky I can predict nothing, I can know nothing.

Except that I have to write the best book I can and keep building those books. Because even if I can’t win over the market with research, marketing, and promotion, at least I can win the battle over my book. I can conquer my book. And I can absolutely tell you I’ll be writing in five more years.

My ability to write is about the only thing I can control even if I have to handcuff myself to my keyboard. And eventually, *deep zen breath*, it’ll all work out. Because getting out the car isn’t an option when I’ve paid for a full ride.