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Rachel1I am without my iphone!

Nearly two days ago a split second mistake lead to a dramatic change in my days – I dropped my iphoone (4S) in water and it has been like stepping through the looking glass.

As my phone sits in a bowl of rice (http://iphone.appstorm.net/how-to/phone/how-to-save-a-wet-iphone-or-ipod-touch/) and I send hopeful thoughts and positive visualizations for it’s revival, this time of being disconnected and somewhat adrift has been enlightening as well.

Not being particularly reachable (I almost never use our home phone) has been a mixed blessing.  I need to be able to contact my teenage son when one of us is out, but for the most part of the lack of interruption,  either from receiving or making calls, has been rather nice. I’ve contacted people by email or our land line and things are running smoothly.

Not being able to text? This has been the hardest.  I have a few friends with whom I text throughout the day and it feels very weird not to be in touch.  It’s made me feel a little lonely and cut off.

Not being able to play games?  Okay, I admit I miss them (curse you Team Lava for Dragon Story, Bakery Story – etc), but now that I am in my second day of this forced “seclusion”, I realize how much time they take away from my day, how distracting they are.  Although standing in line at the post office without it was hellish. But truthfully – I don’t need them and may even delete most once the phone is working again.

There are other things I use it for that will be greatly missed if it doesn’t revive soon – GPS, weather, calendar, and reminders are the most important.  When it does start up again (please, please, please) however, perhaps I will make smarter choices about when and how I use it.

In the meantime though, I feel naked without it.  I miss my iMinion,