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Ah, the capture fantasy. This is one of those romance tropes that’s always done it for me. It’s the mix of alpha males, heavy seduction and wickedly sexy scenes that stoke my fire. But I realize that it’s a huge turn-off for some readers. Different strokes, right?



For me the appeal is fairly primal. There’s something hot about being snatched up by some sinfully sexy guy. Don’t we all want to be so tempting, so alluring, that a man just has to have us?


Capture Romance Done Wrong© muro - Fotolia.com

Capture Romance Done Wrong
© muro – Fotolia.com


Well-written capture romances offer a safe peek into the very common ravishment fantasy but with very clear consent from the heroine.


Capture Romance Done Right(c) veronika-vasilyuk-fotolia-com

Capture Romance Done Right
(c) veronika-vasilyuk-fotolia-com


I always enjoy the journey the couples take and I’m a sucker for romances with high stakes. There are a lot of emotional punches in these kinds of tales. From learning to live in alien surroundings to understanding the nuances of a new culture, there are emotional highs and lows as the couples discover navigate these tricky waters and discover more about one another.


Capture Romance Done Really, Really Right(c) Yuri Arcurs fotolia-com

Capture Romance Done Really, Really Right
(c) Yuri Arcurs fotolia-com


I always shied away from writing one of these super sexy tales because these books were sort of my guilty pleasure. Then, finally, I thought screw it. I’m writing me some ridiculously hot capture romance—and the Grabbed series was born.


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Grabbed By Vicious

Grabbed By Vicious releases next Friday, March 29, from Ellora’s Cave. You can catch a smoking hot excerpt (the entire first chapter, yo!) here.