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aaaGillian_SigWhile plotting the third story in my Pleasure Code Series, I noticed a trend—aside from overlapping characters and their use of the hanky code, both book one and book two have pervertibles in them.

For those of you not aware, pervertibles are everyday items that can be used in perverted ways not initially intended by their makers. Some of the most common are clothes pins used as nipple clamps—or in other tender areas, wooden spoons as spanking implements, etc.

In book one of the series, Wicked Weekend, my hero Jamie used breath strips on the heroine’s sensitive, moist bits… Not for the faint of heart! That burning, tingling feeling is amplified when the breath strips aren’t used as directed.

by tenebboy on Flickr

In book two of the series, tentatively titled Up In Knots and coming from Carina Press in 2014, Sawyer slips his cell phone into the heroine’s rope panties while he uses his Bluetooth to give party goers driving directions. Of course being the evil dom that he is, he never picks up on the first ring 😉

Which leaves me back plotting book three.

I gotta say, I love pervertibles. It’s a great opportunity as a writer to come up with something seriously way out there. I kinda want to out do myself and use something no one would ever consider. But where to start? Hmmm…

What are some pervertibles you’ve seen used too much in BDSM books? Or do you have any suggestions for some outrageous pervertibles? *hint, hint* LOL! Hit me up in the comments.

PS That was my not so subtle way of mentioning that book two of the Pleasure Code Series has been accepted by Carina Press. It will be available in early 2014 🙂 Yay!!