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AAAmy_sigHappy Saturday lovelies!

Though I won’t say happy Spring, because where I am that’s so far away from the truth. Boo on winter.

Anyways, I thought I’d talk about shifters.

I think shifters are extremely sexy. There’s something primal about being connected and that close to nature. To be honest, when I first started reading and even writing romance, I never read a shifter romance.

Then I picked up a Dragon book by Katie McAlister and my love of shifters was born.

My first shifter was contained in Mounted Release during the Ellora’s Cave Oh, Canada! special call.

And I knew my RCMP officer had to be something special and had to be a bear. Bears are beautiful, but the terrify me a bit. I would never want to meet one in the wild up close, though this summer I was able to experience grizzlies and black bears in the wild at Jasper National Park and it was thrilling.





















Here’s me with Jasper the Bear at Lake Maligne and Jasper the Bear happens to be a Mountie. I actually didn’t realize this. My bears, or Mukswa were already out at this point.

I also chose bears because their powerful. They’re amazing creatures. Ever see that movie The Bear with Bart the Bear? The way he roars in that man’s face and cause the man to pee his pants, yeah you don’t want to mess with a bear.

And that’s exactly what I wanted my sexy hero Constable Gordon Thomas to transform in to. The other Canadian animals were just not an option. I couldn’t see a loon being that sexy and a beaver, well that’s just setting up my poor hero for a thousand jokes.

Gordon is a rogue Mukswa, most of his kind live in clans. He hasn’t seen another Mukswa in years, so imagine his surprise when a female shows up and they’re stuck in a blizzard. Things get heated fast.

It was my first attempt at shifters and I was surprised at the popularity and the requests for Jared’s story. I’m finally pleased to announce you can expect Jared’s story from Ellora’s Cave in the very near future.

When I was asked to submit a story for the Fondled & Gobbled anthologies, I decided to pick on my love of werewolves and wolf shifters. I love them so much and my hero, though he has it really hard, is still sexy.

Wild Wolf at Midnight features a mute werewolf who has to claim his unsuspecting fated mate. He was also a virgin, which made the sex really interesting when you can’t communicate with said fated mate about your certain curse.

It’s been an interesting journey. When I started writing erotic romance my plan was always to write Historical. I never in my wildest dream thought I’d be writing paranormals, in particular shifters, but you can’t fight your voice.

Do you like shifters? Do they turn your crank and if so, what’s your favorite shifter?

Is there is a particular shifter you’d like to see more books about?