Lately I’ve been watching a lot of Nip/Tuck because I write well to series shows when I’m having a hard time with a project. In one of the last eps I saw of the show, the two main hero’s had sex with a prostitute to get over their feud because one of the hero’s had slept with the other’s wife–sixteen years ago. And while I’ve known that sex can often have a cathartic reaction with two or more people involved, I’ve only ever explored sex as a cathartic and self-affirming experience for women in almost all of my books. Women power, I’m all about it. And whatever my heroine’s can do to find themselves beneath the sheets. But, with that said, I’ve never explored true emotional healing between the sheets.

And that got me thinking about a lot of M/M/F threesomes in erotic romance and how a good deal of them revolve around one of the men–or both of them–being broken. And the act of sex with another man while also being with the heroine is an emotional step for all involved that they take in order to find themselves and put themselves back together again. So what, other than emotional connection and touch does sex do to heal? How can it be used as a tool to shuffle our hearts around until everything is passable in life again?

Am I not writing enough angst-y healing sex? How does one mash up all those emotions and have them come out right as rain in the end? Maybe I just haven’t found the right set of characters. But it’s certainly put the next M/M/F I will read into perspective because I’ll be all about analyzing the healing sexy times.

What are some of your favorite M/M/F emotional healing sexy times books? Any recc’s?