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aaaGillian_SigI was so enamored with my last Carina Press cover. I mean seriously, how could I not be? It’s all things fabulous right?


Anyhow I was so in love with my cover that I ordered one of those laptop skins. I thought it was a great idea. I loved this cover (and still do!) so much I wanted everyone to see it.

Cover Skin

But I forgot that one of my favorite writing places is my local Starbucks. For the price of a latte I’m able to get out amongst the people while I pound away all incognito on my keyboard, working on my next hot and steamy story. Writing is such a solitary thing that it’s nice once in a while to be able to semi-socialize while doing it. It’s not like anyone knows what I’m writing.

…or at least that used to be the case.

Now anyone who looks at my laptop knows what I’m doing. Sometimes I swear I can feel the judgmental stares. It’s a little bit like being naked in public, only now people have an idea of what kinda dirty thoughts are running through my head! Because they are—dirty 😀

Whatever. I guess it’s time to own it. My name is Gillian Archer (not really), I write the hawt sex and I don’t care what anyone thinks! And if you don’t like my cover, you can stuff it where the sun don’t shine 😉