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Silken Sheets.Griffin
Like most writers (if not all) I experience writers block every now and again. Usually it occurs at some pivotal moment in the character’s story. I liken the feeling to that I’m leading my character to the water but he/she just won’t take a drink.
Now when I force the scene, it usually doesn’t turn out so well and I waste countless hours struggling to write a thousand words. To be honest it’s quite painful.
I found that I usually experience writers block when I’m trying to force my characters to do something that they wouldn’t do or something that is basically “out of their character”. Just because I want them to do something doesn’t mean they want to do it. So I usually end up at a standstill.
I’ve had writers block with a particular story for almost six months now. If you’ve read Dangerously Mine, you’ll know that Eva was separated from her best friend Ally. Well, as it turns out, Ally is stuck in a space brothel desperately trying to escape. She’s hurt, pissed and just plain mad about everything. Kiehle, Taio’s younger brother has been tasked to get Ally. Sounds like she would be happy to see him or go along with the plan right? Wrong. Ally has got a mind of her own, she doesn’t trust anyone and at every turn she is throwing a monkey wrench in my best laid plans.
I finally got Ally to leave the brothel with Kiehle (I had to make it seem like it was her escape plan), but now I’m trying to create a budding romance and she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. Kiehle, of course is all down for some action, but Ally just wants to get rid of him and hide away somewhere.
The scene:
Kiehle has taken her to his home on a small desolate planet. She’s agreed to hide out there until Kiehle gives her items (gold) for trading so that she can go off on her own. Kiehle doesn’t want her to go because 1) he’s supposed to keep an eye on her until Eva can get to her and 2)he’s smitten at this point.
No matter what angle I come from I can’t convince Ally that she needs him. I’m stuck. Writers block. How do I make this work without forcing the relationship on her?
Possible solutions:
Force her to drink the water (stuff her face in it and plug her nose). Meaning, he won’t let her go, no matter how hard she tries to get away from him.
Lie to her (meaning have Kiehle tell her a white lie as to why she should stay with him). She’s going to be mad later, but I think I can handle that.
Wait another month and see if the idea pops in my head

What do you all do for writers block? Or what would you have Ally do?