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Some people have to write in absolute silence, but me, I need background noise.

In particular music to fuel my muse.

And that play list changes for each book.

So I thought I would share some of my favorite songs from playlists I’ve compiled for recent books.

When I was writing my medical romance Safe in His Hands (Coming September 2013) I listened to Adele. I think I listened to Adele so much it was driving my DH crazy. In particular this song, which portrayed the feeling of my book AND was hit on replay when I wrote the sex scene:

When I write my Ellora’s Cave stuff (Like my second bear book Private Release) I listened to a lot of New Kids on the Block. No, I’m not talking about the Right Stuff, but their new stuff. Like this particular song:

It kind of helps the video shows a lot of Donnie Whalberg, whom I had/have a major crush on still. Sssh. Don’t tell the DH.

When I’m writing something more intense I go for Thirty Seconds to Mars and their song Hurricane (the video is quite risque, which a perfect fit here):

These are just some of the songs on my playlist.

Do you listen to music when you write or does certain music get you in the mood?