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The lovely Jennifer Kacey is spotlighting her new release: Together in Cyn




A small book sitting out on a table shouldn’t incite fear in anyone.
But what if that book was your diary and you learned your two best friends, men you have ached for your entire life, have just read every last word? Pages and pages filled with dark fantasies and forbidden dreams so explicit they leave nothing to the imagination.
And what if those two friends were included in every last one?

This is exactly where Cyn Andrews now finds herself.
Stuck somewhere between wanting to hate Jared and Chris Kennedy for violating her privacy and just plain wanting to be stuck somewhere between them. She could never choose only one brother, so she’s kept her feelings buried for more than a decade, and a past mistake has kept her silent and alone…until now.

Everything she’s ever wanted may have just been handed to her in the form of an invitation to The Library. Not just a building filled with books, but a members only BDSM club the brothers own and have kept hidden from her for years.

Is it pity or desire that fueled the invitation?
What other secrets have they been keeping from her?
Can she protect her heart and face her biggest fear while discovering the art of submitting to two Doms?

It’d be a sin not to find out…


“Not that it’s any of your business, but who’s to say I’m not having sex every night and twice on Sundays?” I cocked a blonde eyebrow in his direction with a little sultry thrown in, with what I hoped was a sassy twist of my lips. That sass faded into scared rabbit when he gave me that look again. Same one he’d been giving me all night long. The one I’d seen for years and hated because it was never directed toward me. It was Jared on the make. Tonight it had my adrenal gland kicked into high gear. I was a little bit thrilled and a whole lot terrified.

His gaze remained locked on my face while thick lashes half hooded over the most gorgeous blue eyes ever created taunted me with sexual promise. Tanned skin pulled taught over a tall, muscled frame many a female resident of our fair city of Arcadia had fantasized over. Right at the height of my ogling, he speared long, thick fingers through his blond, sun-streaked hair. It wasn’t long enough to negate any of his rugged appeal, but far from the military cut he’d worn for years. Now it was just perfect to thrust my fingers through and hold on to for a nice long ride.

As his hair fell back across his brow, he leaned forward onto the table to reach for his beer. His fingers trailed across my arm on the way and it was all I could do to suppress another shiver. My reaction to them both had been nothing short of spontaneous combustion for years but tonight was different. Tonight they noticed how I responded to them. Threw logs on the smoldering fire. Touching me, teasing me. Looking at me as if they knew how wet I was. For them. Only them.

He hooked an elbow on the top of his chair back, legs wide, as he drank deeply from a longneck. His lips caressed the cold glass as he sucked the bitter liquid into his mouth, and his Adam’s apple dipped low as he swallowed. My tongue traced my bottom lip and my inner harlot jumped up and down with her hand in the air. By all that was holy if I woke up in the throes of another empty orgasm alone in my bed after dreaming about them, I was going to scream.

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Jennifer’s Interview:

What book do you wish you’d written? – Fifty Shades of Grey because it’s a great story, and has propelled the author into a global platform. That’s not accomplished easily nor often.

How did you come up with the title? – I didn’t actually! It was originally called Dear Cyn, but there was another book at Ellora’s Cave with a title very similar so I had to change mine. My editor and I brainstormed and each of us came to the proverbial table with a list. I named a few and then my editor said Together in Cyn, and that was it. I was totally sold. I really wanted Cyn’s name in the title, and the fact that it hints at a ménage, and lots of naughtiness… Yeah, still gives me chills to read it. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

What books have influenced your writing most? – Two sets actually. Kele Moon’s Eden series. Some of the hottest BDSM, ménage and same sex books I’ve ever read. And Joey W. Hill’s Knights of the Boardroom series. She can get into a character’s head better than any other author I’ve read. Both of these ladies floor me with their writing style. If I’m ever stuck, these are the books I go to, to get inspired!

What was the hardest part of writing your book? – Knowing when to stop tweaking it. I always think I can make it better, and honestly I always want to add more sex into it.  I’m a firm believer that more is more when it comes to the sex scenes. Especially when it comes to fantasies…BDSM…and ménage with two smoking hot guys.

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it? – I have learned so much I think pretty soon I’m going to have to start dumping info out before I can cram anymore in. The BIGGEST lesson I’ve learned is showing instead of telling when I write. I could write, “It was dark behind the blindfold. I was tied up, and I jumped when a hand touched my rear end.” Or I could write, “The darkness seeped into my very soul when I realized I could see nothing behind the cloth covering my eyes. I tested the restraints. Tugging at the cuffs attached to the ceiling, which bound me up and exposed in the center of the playroom. A jolt of electricity shot down my spine as a rough palm smoothed over the curve of my ass. I bit my lower lip to keep from crying out. What would they do to me now?” I can give you the same information, but hopefully the latter one paints a picture you can see in your head, and feel in the pit of your stomach. I want to engage my readers, and hope to get better with every book.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? – Thank you, thank you, thank you! The fact that you took your time to read Together in Cyn, and spent your hard earned money on something I created and love absolutely floors me. I hope you’ll email me and let me know what you think!

Bonus Round:
Coffee/Tea? – Decaf Earl Grey tea with honey.
Cake/Cookies? – Cookies ‘cause I can eat them anywhere.
Coke/Pepsi? – Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper please.
Heels/Flats? – Heels. The higher the better. Wear 4”-5” heels everyday to work just because I can.
Bikini/One-piece? – Bikini all the way. I’m addicted. I stopped counting at 25 suits.
Vampires/Werewolves? – Vampires. The hairy thing turns me off.
Alpha/Beta? – Alpha. Love to write about them.
Cats/Dogs? – Yes.  I’ve got two dogs, two cats, and don’t forget the thirty five fish.
Fly/Drive? – FLY! I’m not a great car travel person, because I just don’t want to be still that long. Quickest route to my destination always wins.