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Silken Sheets.Griffin

I was talking about writers block earlier this month and wanted to follow-up about experiencing it for a sex scene.

Imagine if you will, the lights are turned low. The kids are out of the room. My characters’ are at that point in the story where they should be yanking off each other’s clothes and getting busy.


Nothing is happening…

It’s like they’re an awkward couple that doesn’t know where to start.

So far all of my characters want an emotional attachment to each other before they engage in “the deed”. Don’t get me wrong, they can and usually do have casual sex with other people, but when it comes to the main characters. They seem to want more out of the relationship.

I look at it this way, I want my characters to fall in love and have meaningful sex, BUT I write erotica and I don’t have the luxury of a 300 page novel where they flirt and establish a long relationship.

So how do I solve this? This scenario, believe it or not is much easier to write than just being stuck without an out (as with my earlier scenario). I typically write the entire book (including the fights, make-ups and ending) and then go back and add my sex scenes if I haven’t been able to get them together before.

The scenes usually flow like water at this point and are really steamy because I’ve been keeping the H/H apart all this time.

So my advice to writers who experience writers block in a sex scene is to skip it, let it marinate, then come back when you feel like the characters are so hot and bothered that the emotion will spill over onto the pages.