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Cover of Demon Lovers Succubi AnthologyHappy Birthday – To Me!

Well, okay, my birthday was on Sunday. But I make my special day last all week long! All right, ooh yeah. All. Week. Long.

Yes, I really can sing, but maybe it loses something in translation. Anyway, I am doing a mailing list giveaway on facebook – just join my app – the one in red marked Read My Book – which will add you to my mailing list. I am sending every new joiner this week a short, super hot story – Calling Syn.

Calling Syn is part of the Succubus Anthology, Demon Lovers: Succubi still available at Amazon and other booksellers!

Blurb – Calling Syn

Every job has its risks—but not many run the hazard where failure means being devoured body and soul. It’s Julien Black’s job to raise demons—he gets paid to summon them to meet with his underground employers. It’s not up to him what happens next, it’s not his deal.

But Julien’s never raised a succubus and he has no idea of the power the wily females have at hand. When the demon he’s called names herself as Syn, Priestess of the Temple of Lust, Julien knows he’s in trouble. He’s been sabotaged and Syn is about to escape. Julien must find a way to soothe her desires and save his soul, but staying in control isn’t easy when you’re with a succubus named Syn.

Happy Reading!