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I was away at a writer’s retreat last weekend and not only did we get a lot of words written, play a card game involving flying sex snakes (long story), but I was able to talk a bit about my career path.

I can blabber on to my husband about it, but his eyes glaze over. He tries, but he doesn’t get the industry.

I spent the week thinking about a lot of things.

So much so my ears were shooting out plumes of steam clouds.

There are so many sub genres to erotic romance and indeed romance in general. The sub genres to erotic romance and romance tend to be the same.

When I first started writing, I intended to write historical romance. I loved HOT historicals (still do) so therefore that was my chosen sub genre.

My first book with Ellora’s Cave was a paranormal set in contemporary times.


Now, I did give historical a go. My gladiator books, for example are historical erotic romance, but I’ve really written all over the place.

I really wanted to break it down to see what  sub genres I’ve written in:

Historical: 6

Sci Fi: 2 (One is coming out in the next Fondled & Gobbled submission)

Contemporary: 6

Fantasy: 3

Paranormal: 5

Of course this didn’t help me much, but as I was sitting there thinking. I realize that I’m writing more and more contemporary and I can tell you when I first started writing I never thought in a million years that would be the case.

When I first started in this business I wrote what I wanted to write. Now, as things progress towards being more of a full-time job and a growing business I had to take stock.

What do I find sexy about the Historical sub genre? The costumes and the fantasy of being in another time. Being swept off my feet and having men like Mr. Darcy riding across the country side to claim me.

What do I find sexy about the Sci Fi genre? The world building aspect, but I’m not a huge Sci Fi fan. I know. I know.

What do I find sexy about Contemporaries? It’s so much easier to world build and I like that women are TSTL like they can be in historicals. They have a lot more going for them, they’re independent and know what they want.

What do I find sexy about the fantasy sub genre? Honestly, I love Lord of the Rings. The Elves and Aragorn.

Finally, paranormal. There’s so much. Anything can happen. It’s usually set in modern times so I can combine it with my contemporaries. Again, I think it has to do with world building.

I’ve come to a few conclusions, but it’ll take some more though. 🙂

So, what sub genres of romance or erotic romance do you enjoy? Why does it appeal to you?