aaavoirey_finalSigOver the last year, it’s been increasingly clear to me that I need to step back from blogging and dedicate more time to the two things I love most in life, my family and my writing. Unfortunately, this means my time at Silken Sheets is coming to a close.

I’m turning over my spot to a Eva Lefoy, who you will meet shortly. I’ll leave the formal introductions to her.

I introduced myself to SS&S by sharing a bit of what I thought was sexy. Back then, I said:

So, what is my idea of sexy?

To me, it’s not wrapped up in a kink or a body type or attitude. Not that I can’t find those thing sexy, they just aren’t what ultimately yanks my crank.  My biggest turn-on is vulnerability.

There is just something about the feeling of being at the mercy of something bigger, something stronger. It’s a reminder that we are ultimately fragile beings. It forces us to allow someone else to take the reins. Most of all it demands we trust someone else with our bodies and our pleasure, and in many ways, trusting someone with your whole self is even more intimate than sex itself.

Vulnerability takes many forms in my writing. Sometimes it’s physical; a character being at the mercy of many, or simply overpowered by one. Sometimes it comes with surrender or bondage, pleasure or pain. There is always a mental vulnerability, whether it be a woman who feels flawed or an angel exploring his darkest temptation.

But vulnerability brings baggage with it. Insecurities and certain raw reality always come up. Being vulnerable means facing fears, dealing with the little defects we all try to hide. It’s not always a pretty process. It can be heartbreakingly painful. But ultimately facing those shortcomings, those fears and imperfections, leads to a greater strength and confidence.

So what is sexy to me? It’s surrender. It’s courage. It’s strength.

That’s what’s sexy to me.


Today, I’ll add that sexy shows up in those quiet moments between.

There is that time, after the body is sated, when you curl up together and you are simply there, together. There are no words shared, no discussion. Caresses are quiet and your souls seem to curl around each other. His heartbeat is yours and your breath is his.

Sexy lives there, between loving and life. 

Now I say goodbye to you all, and I hope I left you with some time between.