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I feel like I’ve been writing on this story for-evah. But in reality it’s only been months—three I think. I started it back in February for a holiday novella call and submitted it a month later.  I was one of the lucky few who heard back uber quick, just a week or two later. Unfortunately for me it wasn’t with an offer. The editor loved the story (squee!!) but thought that it needed something more.

50,000 more words to be exact.

*Cue manic screaming and hair pulling*

No, not really. I actually agree with her ideas. I tried to pack way too much timeline into a short word count. Bad, author. It’ll make it a rocking story and I can’t wait to finish it and send it off again. Because I have all these shiny new story set-ups popping in my head every few days. And a folder on my Dropbox full of ideas that I haven’t had time to tackle yet. Not to mention my BDSM series I need to get back to.

But I have at least two more months with this story in drafting and polishing so I apologize in advance for all the dirty biker pics. I tend to have a one track mind and right now it’s full of dangerous guys like this…

from BigStockPhoto

from BigStockPhoto

*sigh* Sorry, what was my point again? Oh well, me and my one track mind gotta get back to our biker—he’s the impatient sort.