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Hi Everyone!

I am back from the Romantic Times Convention 2013, and trying to recover from the long hours, the long flights and the cold I have acquired. 😦 But the con was great! Today I am sharing a few pictures so you can get the scope of this fantastic event!

We stayed at the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crowne Center Sheraton Kansas City which was HUGE with 40 floors and access to the convention centre. I found the elevators dizzying and the layout confusing to get from one place to another. I later discovered the reason that it was difficult to get to one particular area and the fact that the place might be haunted! There was a terrible disaster there back when it was called the Hyatt and over 130 people were killed when a main walkway inside the lobby collapsed.

But still, the convention went on with a record number of authors, industry professionals and fans attending. There were MANY amazing authors that I felt privileged to mingle and meet with. Mary Balogh, Rosanne Bittner, Jennifer Blake, Virginia Brown, Robyn Carr, Laura Castoro (Laura Parker), Phoebe Conn, Jude Deveraux, Thea Devine, Shirl Henke, Laura Kinsale, Patricia Rice, Karen Robards, Bertrice Small, Bobbi Smith, Janelle Taylor, Cynthia Wright

And, at a party hosted by the authors of the Whispering Cove Series (friends of mine Cathryn Fox, Nikki Duncan and MacKenzie McKade) there was a special guest – EL James! Whispering cove picPicture of booksigning at RT 2013She arrived under an assumed name but she was soon identified. 🙂

The place was PACKED! Here is an overhead shot (borrowed from the Romantic Times website) to give you an idea of what the signing was like. They have a ton of pictures of the parties up on their blog See them here. There were discos, and dinners, balls and more!

And of course, there were the yummy cover models. 🙂

Lilly Cain, cover model Scott Nova

They had a good time, I think, being adored by many and at the same time getting contacts within the industry. I had breakfast with the awesome Scott Nova and he showed me some of his new stock photos. HELLO. Here we are together. 🙂 He’s a dad and a part-time fireman. A super friendly and fantastically sexy guy!

So, a great time was had by all, and now I am home, tired and in need of a short hibernation. 🙂