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Silken Sheets.Griffin I think I’m part of a majority when I say that I will buy a book from an unknown author if it has an awesome cover. I like titles as well, they of course will tell me what the book is about, but the cover will show me.

I’m a fan of covers with models entwined or placed in seductive poses. The freaky side of me likes to be affirmed that there will be sex in the book and hopefully a lot of it with explicit details. But with the popularity of Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey covers have moved to obscure objects photographed with artistic eyes.


I would have loved to have seen the Cullen kids, shirtless and exposing chiseled abs and fang. Who’s with me on a vote to have Christian Grey featured, shirtless (yes, I like shirtless) and with a nipple clamp (of course) and maybe biting his lower lip…and also holding a whip. I can’t forget a whip. Maybe his jeans will be hanging low on his hips and unbuttoned, revealing a fine line of dark hair leading a path to below his zipper… *fans self* But I digress. Can we please get back to hot and sexy covers?

For both of my books with Ellora’s Cave my main objective was to make the covers hot as hell. Did I succeed?

DangerouslyMine_msr - Copy Available now

dangerouslyyours_msr Available May 24th

I’d love to know your thoughts. What type of cover works for you?