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So this week was supposed to be our first big vacation since kiddo was born. We were going to celebrate 12 whole months without a surgery or hospitalization–but DH fell down the stairs and the inlaws got a tummy bug so we’re now enjoying a staycation.



But a girl can dream! Instead of reclining on the couch, I wish I was floating in this pristine water…

(c) haveseen - Fotolia.com

(c) haveseen – Fotolia.com

Or maybe watching this guy walk out of the surf..

(c) curaphotography - Fotolia.com

(c) curaphotography – Fotolia.com

Or this dead sexy bastard…

(c) tankist276 - Fotolia.com

(c) tankist276 – Fotolia.com

Or maybe sneaking in some smexy times on a secluded beach…

(c) -ivan-montero - Fotolia.com

(c) -ivan-montero – Fotolia.com