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wpid-aaasorcha_finalsig.pngOkay, lots of things are sexy. But so is learning. I love a good online class and often learn a lot from them which is why I am trying my hand at teaching one. I’m really excited about putting together the class lessons and then potentially teaching it to others. What? Oh! You want to know what the class is about?

Pumping Up The Sexual Volume. 

The class is all about how to write sex scenes. Of course, I like it hot so that’s where I focus, but really the purpose is to help anyone stuck on writing sex and help them work through it. I’ve heard tons of writers say they skip writing them until last or they have to struggle through writing them with the aid of a bottle of wine…sometimes two. LOL!

Writing sex should be fun!


So, I endeavor to break my process down into steps and tools that an author can use to write sex scenes. The class is meant for anyone looking to ramp up the heat level of their writing, is looking to push their writing boundaries, or newbies who have never attempted to write a sex scene.

This course gets down and dirty. We talk body parts and we do a lot of writing. Because the best way to figure out how to do it is–to do it! I will be teaching it later this summer for RWA San Diego and it will be open to the public for a fee. When I have the details I will be sure to post them in case anyone might be interested.

Happy writing!