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Oh my, my, my. The attraction we have for strippers, no? 

They’re hot. They’re sexy. They give full-frontal nudity and have no shame about baring it all. Other – straight – women can see strippers as powerful female icons comfortable with their own sexuality. Or, if they happen to be butch – and gay – as *hot* sexual objects to desire and fantasize over.

In my latest work, a butch female – she dresses in men’s clothes and wears sensible shoes – falls for a tall, dark-haired, gorgeous stripper who’s all feminine beauty. She’s Alyce’s fantasy woman. Her perfect woman. And she lusts for Contessa every Friday night from behind the glass:

The pounding continued as Contessa opened her legs, held onto the bar and squatted, showing off a bright red thong. Alyce would bet she wore no matching bra from the way her full breasts swayed under the fabric. Desire pierced her gut, and she pressed herself against the one-way-glass not caring when it had last been cleaned. All she wanted was to be closer to the most gorgeous woman she’d ever laid eyes on. 

Contessa stood again, this time starting to move with the music. She strutted around the pole on three-inch red heels, swinging her hips. The woman had rhythm.

Alyce was in awe as she began to toss her hair, working her body against and away from the pole, then around, and around until she got dizzy watching. One look at Contessa’s heaving chest told her she got good exercise performing. But if she had her way, she’d hold her in her arms and show her a different exercise they could do together.

Contessa came down off the stage, strode to Room One and opened her robe.

“Damn, it,” she hissed. “Come over here and do that.”

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Though Alyce is likely the only female in the private club, she nonetheless knows exactly what she likes. Her gaze is riveted to the dark beauty, her thoughts and feelings fully engaged. All through the performance, her desire for Contessa never wavers. But she believes it would take a miracle for her attraction to be returned.

Little does she know…attraction sometimes works both ways!

Here’s the cover. This is part I in a III part series dubbed “The Sturdy Accountant.” 🙂