Rachel1I missed a post day at the beginning of the month.  I hate that.  But mostly I hate when there is more drama and conflict in my life than in my work in progress.  I can hardly remember what day of the week it is let alone what I supposed to and want to get done.

My elder son was bar mitzvah’d this weekend and my younger son saw his movie acting debut in a local cable film.  This was on Saturday.  Before that 1) my father in law died in January 2) my mother in law died less than two weeks ago 3) I prepared for Saturday’s reception for 90 guests which had more details than I expected (of course) 4) I finished editing two anthologies with Scott Goudsward (Once Upon an a Apocalypse. Volume I – Zombie Fairytales Volume II – Lovecraft Fairytales 5) I completed the 30 articles for the non-fiction newsletter I am the editor for. 6) I edited the book I acquired for Ravenous Romance.  Oh, and in between all this was the regular day to day stuff of life and homeschooling.

I’m exhausted.exhausted-woman

Too much of a roller coaster for me.  I’d like that for my characters – not in my life.  I am so ready for calm waters, smooth sailing and any other cliché that involves quiet and a general lack of turbulence.

I want to get back to my writing projects, the things that fill me up and make me feel as though I am smiling inside and out.

And leave the drama for the characters I create and the books I read.  Thank you!