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My First Time

Celebrating the launch of my first story with Liquid Silver Books, I’m blogging about other Firsts of mine.

Sex. So natural. So instinctive. Something most adults on the planet have tried at least once… so why is it so damned hard to write?

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The first sex scene I wrote was very vague. Remember, this was some fifteen years ago when even the most titillating of bodice rippers usually skimmed over the act itself. I wanted my experienced hero to be passionate and intense, but since he was seducing a virgin, I needed him to be gentle too.

I spent days writing their first scene together. No matter what I did, it felt wooden and awkward. I ended up putting < insert sex > and left it on the backburner while I rocked on with the story. Their second coupling was just as difficult to write and I struggled. The story continued with another placeholder < insert sex > and then another further on, and finally I reached the last page. I hesitated over typing ‘The End’. After all, I hadn’t finished and my leading characters had been left hanging several times (so they really hadn’t finished), but in all other respects the story was complete. What did I do?

I went back, added some general skimming and left it all high level and light… then filed it away on my hard drive and left it.

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The next manuscript had an equally light touch in the bedroom, and the one after that. It was only after taking a break for a few years, reading zillions of books, and the explosion of smexy into general availability, that I had the courage to go back and rework my dusty manuscripts. I can happily report they are much more exciting now, and might even get published. 🙂

I wish I could tell you that writing sex scenes now is easy, but you know what? It’s not. I still agonise over them and take days to write them, revising and re-revising several times before I’m done. I’d chat with one of my critique partners about IKEA-sex, you know, insert Tab-A into Slot-B, rotate and re-insert at a different angle, and I developed a routine. Layering. Yep, like with clothes, I write the scene in layers, taking a break between each one:

1.      The bra & panties layer – the basic stuff

Who and where, general mood and the physical details (Tab-A, Slot-B and so on).

2.      The slinky tank top layer – details

The way her breath hitches, the intensity on his face, how she digs her nails into his back.

3.      The t-shirt and jeans layer – all the senses

The sound of the bed creaking, her heart racing, the perfume from the lilac bush underneath the bedroom window, the taste of his skin.

4.      The cashmere sweater layer –  emotion

What he’s feeling when she closes her hand around him. How she feels when he sinks his teeth into her shoulder.


At this point it’s almost done, just one final read through and it’s ready for my critique partner to rip to shreds… and then I revise it some more.

So no, it doesn’t get any easier, but at least I have a way to manage it now 🙂

If you write smexy, how do you approach the sex scenes? Or are they easy? Is is just me that feels like an absolute novice every time my couple start bumping uglies?

Here’s a snippet from Wolf At The Door, so you get to see the fnished product 🙂


The smell of her arousal was intoxicating. Jake inhaled deeply into his lungs, letting her fragrance roll around his senses. So she didn’t take orders well? He chuckled to himself. Taming his Mate would be most pleasurable. How far could he push her? He ran his tongue along the edge of the lacy triangle and then tugged gently with his teeth on one of the wispy ribbons. It fell undone and he nosed the scrap of fabric aside, hearing her breath catch. Dear God. She was totally smooth. He knew some women waxed and shaved but hadn’t met one who did until now.

Moisture glistened on her pussy lips, and he blew a gentle breath over them, feeling her tense beneath him. As though he had all the time in the world, he licked a leisurely path along her slit, his head spinning at her taste. It exploded onto his tongue like the finest nectar, sweet and honeyed. He caught a movement out of the corner of his eye and saw that she’d lifted one hand. Smiling, he stopped and waited.

“Hands, Cariad.” It was a quiet reminder and she made a frustrated noise, but dropped her hand to the floor. He watched her curl her fingers into a tight fist and only then did he resume.

Satisfied she would behave this time, he pressed a series of openmouthed kisses over her lower stomach, inching closer to her pussy. Already, her clit peeked from its folds, pink and swollen. So responsive. He wasn’t sure how long he could wait, but he’d try to torture her a little first.

A soft breath over her clit made her tremble, her knees shaking and hands fisting tighter. She moaned. “Jake, don’t tease.” He ignored her plea and moved south, sucking on her pussy lips, one at a time. More of her cream coated his tongue and he closed his eyes, savoring her. “Please, Jake … please.” Need tightened in his belly and he tried to tamp it down, but it was hard. His cock pulsed, and his balls had tightened to the point of pain, but he carried on teasing. She writhed under his mouth, her muscles straining, her ass rigid in his hands. He dug his fingers into her flesh and, at the same time, sucked hard on her clit.

Her cry rang around the room and she bucked fiercely, but he held her still, licking and nuzzling as she convulsed, filling his mouth with her nectar as she came. He gorged, greedy for her cream and knowing that in a matter of minutes he’d finally be inside her.


Extended trailer for Wolf At The Door

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