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Just imagine.

You’re there in class. On the mat. Sweat is dripping off your forehead. All you hear is the sound of the instructor’s voice, your breathing and the heavy breathing of your fellow classmates.

The room is candle-lit. And everybody’s naked. Is it an orgy? No. It’s naked yoga!

I’ve done yoga for years, but I’ve never done it naked. I’ve seen DVD’s and I’ve seen the ads of nekkid yogis in Yoga Journal. I’ve even looked at the DVD’s and wondered …. hmmm…. should I try this? So far I haven’t. How about you? If you’ve tried it, I’d like to hear your experience. Were you able to focus on the yoga or were you really checking out everybody’s bod?

For me, being in a yoga class with mixed genders and a very hot room always does have an element of who-looks-good-in-spandex to it. As the room temperature goes up, the layers of clothes start shedding. And if I’m right next to a guy – a hot guy, a really strong or agile guy, or heck, just any guy – it always gives me a pause. Somewhere in the back of my mind I’m wondering how big my ass looks when I’m bent over! That is until I’m so sweaty and tired that I just don’t care any more. But hey, I do check them out, so I figure it’s automatic they do the same.

yoga bw

So in naked yoga like this DVD, would you be doing the yoga or just sitting there with your eyes glued to the screen watching the hot bods do the moves?

The jury’s still out on that for me.


P.S. If you’re a guy and a gay guy, there are DVD’s and naked hot yoga retreats just for you. You can’t seriously tell me that a bunch of naked gay guys aren’t going to…. yeah. Uh huh. You and I know how that class is going to end! LOL